Why Invisalign Could Be a Good Choice for Your Teenager

The advances in orthodontic technology have come a long way since we were kids. Back in the old days, if you wanted straighter teeth, you had to suffer through all the awkwardness and annoyances of having metal brackets glued to your teeth.

Now, dental practitioners and teens are increasingly opting for Invisalign aligners. Clinical evidence shows that these aligners can be very effective for certain types of dental problems. But the real reason teens love Invisalign is due to their comfort, discretion, and removability — a luxury most of us didn’t have growing up.

As Invisalign gains popularity among the youth, you may wonder if it’s the right choice for your teen. Here’s what you should consider when looking for Invisalign services near you:

Improved Self Esteem

Arguably, the best benefit of Invisalign is the effect it can have on a teenager’s self-confidence.

Teens seeking dental treatment might already be sensitive about their teeth, and adding a mouth full of metal can worsen their insecurities.

Invisalign are clear aligning retainers that you wear over your teeth. Because these aligners are less noticeable, they can significantly reduce the risk of self-esteem or anxiety issues often associated with traditional braces.

Reduced Discomfort

If you’ve ever had braces, you probably remember how uncomfortable they were. Traditional braces exert more force on the teeth, so patients experience more pain. And metal pieces rubbing against the lips and cheeks can cause irritation and sore spots.

Invisalign doesn’t cause that kind of soreness or friction. The aligners use slower and gentler movements than braces, so any pain or discomfort felt will be milder.

If your teenager is particularly sensitive to or concerned about pain, then Invisalign may be the way to go.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is also generally better with aligners because patients take them out to eat and brush their teeth.

With traditional braces, it’s easier for food particles to get trapped between your teeth and can be challenging for kids to floss and clean around the wires.

Cleaner, Healthy teeth have fewer cavities. Additionally, Invisalign patients will avoid the discoloration that can occur with metal braces.

Less Breakage, Fewer Doctor Visits

Braces consist of more components than Invisalign aligners, like elastic bands and brackets.

Because these components are susceptible to breakage, you’ll find yourself in the dentist’s chair more often for emergency repairs.

With Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about snapped bands, cracked brackets, or broken wires. Fewer appointments mean less time off from school and more time for after-school activities.

Safer For Sporty Teens

Full-contact sports, like boxing or football, can be dangerous if your teen is wearing braces. If a bracket or wire is dislodged, it may lead to an oral injury.

Since Invisalign braces are removable, teens can continue their sporting activities without fear of injury.

No Dietary Restrictions

With Invisalign, you can take your aligners in and out before meals. This allows teens to enjoy all of the foods that are off-limits to patients with braces— like popcorn and hard candy.

Better For Mild or Moderate Issues

Invisalign works best on patients with mild to moderate bite, crowding or spacing issues. Unless your teen suffers from severe orthodontic problems, then Invisalign is a great, less-invasive option.

Just as Affordable as Braces

There’s a common misconception that Invisalign is more expensive than other treatments. While it might have been more expensive a decade ago, today, Invisalign costs about the same amount as braces.

In fact, many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign treatment the same way they cover braces.

Remember, Ask Your Doctor

You’ll want to consult your doctor, and most importantly, your kid before pursuing Invisalign. It’s essential to understand all of the options and map out a long-term strategy with your orthodontist based on your child’s dental needs and lifestyle preferences.

Smile Fort Worth: Where You Can Get Invisalign Near You

If you or your teen is looking for Invisalign services near you, you’ll find expert help at Smile Fort Worth. Drs. Harlin, Wilkinson, and Collins have decades of combined experience with both traditional braces and Invisalign.

They’ll provide you with a free consultation to determine if Invisalign is the right choice for your teen, discover the underlying causes of their dental issues, and get to know them a little better. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to take the first step to a straighter smile.

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If it’s been more than six months since your last appointment, schedule an appointment with Smile Fort Worth today.

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