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Fort Worth Invisalign® Provider

Fort Worth Invisalign® Provider

Invisalign® for Clearly Straighter Teeth

Invisalign® is the answer for achieving an even, perfect smile without the brackets and wires of traditional orthodontics. As an Invisalign® provider in the Fort Worth area, Drs. Harlin and Wilkinson can help you discover your straighter smile from start to finish.

Invisalign® clear aligners are a safe, proven method for gradually shifting teeth into alignment. FDA-approved and made without BPA or latex, the aligner trays can be easily removed for eating and drinking but should be worn for at least 20 hours a day.

InvisalignCandidates for Treatment

At a consultation, Drs. Harlin or Wilkinson will help you determine if Invisalign® is the best treatment for you. Generally, however, these alignment issues are effectively treated with Invisalign®:

Overbite: when the upper teeth overlap or hide the lower front teeth.

Underbite: if your upper front teeth are behind your lower front teeth when at rest.

(Invisalign® can treat some underbites, but sometimes treatment may be combined with other oral surgery procedures to permanently resolve underbite issues caused by existing jaw structure.)

Crossbite: when some of your upper teeth come down behind one or more of your lower teeth as you bite down.

(Invisalign® treats some kinds of crossbites, but your dentist will be able to perform an initial examination to see whether it will help your unique smile.)

Gap Teeth: irregularly spaced teeth.

Open Bite: when the lower teeth don’t meet the upper teeth as you bite down.

Crowded Teeth: overlapping or twisted teeth.

Invisalign®: A Trusted Straightening Solution

With over 20 years of research and 8 million corrected smiles, Invisalign is the choice of dentists and patients around the world.

Invisalign®’s patented SmartTrack plastic sets its clear aligners apart from others on the market today:

  • Gentle: SmartTrack shifts teeth into place with a steady but comfortable force.
  • Control: With small, custom grooves to precisely guide teeth, Invisalign® aligners exert precision control over the tiny adjustments that create your new smile.
  • Comfortable: A snug fit prevents the aligners from slipping while in use and ensures constant force is always aligning your teeth.
  • Faster: SmartTrack material speeds up treatment time for orthodontics — up to 50% faster with weekly aligner changes! Average treatment time for most adults is just one year.

Dental Care From People Who Care

It’s not always easy to decide which dentist or practice to choose for cosmetic services. While there are larger, flashier dental practices in the DFW area, when it comes to your smile, it’s important to choose the practice that listens and understands you.

Drs. Harlin and Wilkinson love dentistry not just for the work they do, but because they can connect with their patients every day. We know the best cosmetic results come from a truly customized approach — and that’s the only way we do it at Smile Fort Worth!

Meet Dr. Harlin and Dr. Wilkinson, and the Smile Fort Worth staff.

Contact Us for a Straighter Smile Consultation

Call our Fort Worth office today to schedule an Invisalign® consultation with Drs. Harlin or Wilkinson. A preliminary examination will help us determine the timeline and potential costs of transforming your smile in as little as 6 to 12 months.