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Orthodontist-By-Mail? Here’s Why In-Person Care is Still Your Best Bet

Orthodontist by Mail? Here’s Why In-Person Care is Still Your Best Bet |S

Trendy options like Smile Direct Club are tempting, but are they effective or safe?

Orthodontist by Mail? Here’s Why In-Person Care is Still Your Best Bet |S

With the rise of ship-to-home methods for orthodontic treatment, you might feel torn over how to best fix your smile. In the past five years, new ship-to-home options have convinced patients they will save time and money by having aligners delivered right to their door. You have probably seen a commercial or an Instagram ad and thought, “I want those!” The truth is, however, while options like Smile Direct Club (SDC)
do offer convenience, they don’t always offer the best results in the safest way. 

Some things aren’t meant to have “shortcuts.” There is no replacing a certified orthodontist or dentist when it comes to moving teeth. The team at Smile Fort Worth has over 150 years of combined dental experience. Our experienced dentists, Drs. Justin Harlin and Matt Wilkinson, know how to take care of you and your family’s teeth.

Safety First

Helping you to create your ideal smile is our passion, but health and safety is our mission. Only under the personalized care of an experienced orthodontist or dentist can you trust your safety is a number one priority. 

While straightening a smile is a cosmetic procedure, it’s important to think about the possible health implications of shifting teeth and gums. After all, no one wants their orthodontic treatment to result in oral health problems down the road.

SDC and other ship-to-home manufacturers may sacrifice safety for that tempting “convenience”. According to the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association, SDC risks its patients’ health and safety. Sadly, some patients using these types of ship-to-home aligners have experienced dental emergencies at home as a result of treatment.


Orthodontist by Mail? Here’s Why In-Person Care is Still Your Best Bet |S

The problem is, without the watchful eyes and expertise of an orthodontist or dentist, these ship-to-home aligners and their one-size-fits-all could spell trouble for some patients. Based on patient reviews and testimonies, oral health problems arising from treatment have included: 

  • Jaw pain
  • Chipped teeth
  • Inflamed, receding gums
  • Bloody lips and tongue
  • Loose teeth

After a negative experience, patients of these ship-to-home aligners often schedule appointments with a local orthodontist or dentist. Pain or complications following at-home treatment must be fixed for additional losses in cost and time. 

As Trained Dental Professionals, We Feel Confident Saying: For Something as Sensitive and Important as Our Mouths, Only a Trusted Orthodontist or Dentist Should Be Providing Care.

Orthodontists and dentists have access to world-class technology that helps them see every little detail of teeth and gums. At our Fort Worth office, we tailor a custom plan for each patient and monitor progress along the way through in-person check-ups. 

When companies ship everything to you, making you the orthodontist, the results often don’t reflect the perfect smile you wanted.

SDC has thousands of complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. Just a few of the problems patients have reported are:

  • Damaged teeth
  • Gaps unfilled
  • Still required treatment by an orthodontist
  • New overbite
  • Promised timelines not fulfilled

While ship-to-home aligners promote rapid treatment (faster than traditional braces or Invisalign),
patients routinely complain that their treatment took longer than expected. Add up the time it will take for a real orthodontist or dentist to correct what these bargain aligners started, and fixing your teeth may soon become the costly headache you tried to avoid in the first place…

A Clearly Straighter Smile

One reason you may be tempted by ship-to-home aligners is because of their discreet appearance. You should know that we have an even better solution for you!

Our practice offers Invisalign, a nearly “invisible” straightening solution that looks similar to ship-to-home aligners, but has been proven effective and safe for over 20 years. Invisalign is available only through in-person care by trained providers.

Learn More About Invisalign at a Cosmetic Consultation!

Personalized Care from Real Doctors

SDC is quick to point out they use in-house medical professionals. However, these professionals are reviewing hundreds of requests at a time, quickly signing off on treatment plans without ever looking the patient in the eye. Or, more importantly, the mouth!

Every patient is different. That’s why an authorized orthodontist or dentist is the best person to trust with your smile. 

At our Fort Worth dental practice, personalized care doesn’t end when you leave our chair. Instead of trying to navigate through customer service lines or chat rooms, our inviting staff is always here to talk to you on the phone if any problems arise. And, with routine check-ups, you will be able to receive cosmetic dentistry care from the same smiling faces who clean your teeth and fill your cavities.


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